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As mentioned in our profile, Relm Transport has created a very specialized transportation niche that continues to be in high demand. We are asset-based for greater control and the majority of our drivers have been with us for the longhaul. Turnover is extremely low, with most of our drivers on staff for 8 years or more. Why? We treat them well and pay them better.

Why are record low turnovers a benefit to our customers? It's simple. They know their job and the requirements of our customer's customer. A stable work environment reduces errors and adds to consistent quality performance.

Through experience and training, we also maintain a near perfect safety record and claims are virtually nonexistent. Our variety of equipment types and well planned routes bring efficiency and savings to our customers' daily distribution requirements. We can also respond to surges in volume and emergency requirements through our long-standing relationships with well established owner operators, in our service area.

We typically transport high value goods in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. We offer both ambient (15-25° C) and cool transport (2-8° C) by the truckload. If you look at our service map you can see a quick snapshot of our current coverage.

In addition to daily distribution schedules, our solutions approach has opened the door for other opportunities to better serve our customers. A growing industry segment is facilitating the transport and reverse logistics of special sales in the clothing and sporting goods sectors.

Major retail brands are taking the tent sale approach to new levels. They are renting arenas to move large volumes of product. They have created sale opportunities for the consumer and have chosen Relm Transport to get the goods there safe, sound and on time. When the sale is over we return the remaining goods, tables and display material back to the designated warehouse.

The more time critical and customized the requirement, the better fit Relm Transport is for our customers.