Medical transportation
Healthcare shipping


At Relm Transport, we have expanded our services, equipment, coverage and technology in keeping with the requirements of our customers. We tend to offer more of a dedicated transportation model and partner closely with select clientele, primarily in the pharma and healthcare industries.

As a result of our consultive sell and partnership approach with our customers, our operation is structured around a combination of scheduled daily runs and direct, door to service on a 24/7 basis. Our day starts as early as 5:00 AM and each driver has the vehicle type best suited to our clients' daily requirements. Because our deliveries are made each day to our customer's customer, our drivers are courteous and respectful of the importance they play in the supply chain. Retail appointment deliveries, dentists' offices, pharmacies, hospitals and even home deliveries are the norm with Relm Transport.

When you need the equivalent of a transportation army, the big freight integrators like a Fedex or UPS have the processes and coverage to offer a marvelous service. Over our history in the business, we've discovered that sometimes you need a SWOT team and that's where we really shine. Our ability to customize solutions, give customers a direct line to management and remain accountable, flexible and accessible is where we excel and where we offer the greatest value for our clients.